Residential Property & Block Management Services : Maintenance

Robert Carter Property & Block Management Company

At Robert Carter we believe as part of our core values that a well-maintained property development is central to ensuring your peace of mind and the highest standard of living. We work hard to make sure our clients are able to sit back and relax knowing that we have everything covered.

When it comes to managing your development, we will carry out site inspections in order to remain informed of not only the condition of the building, but the grounds too. This enables us to effectively detect and monitor any potential issues arising and resolve these before they develop into major concerns. This ensures the highest standard of living, while avoiding any unnecessary costs.

In the case of work needing more extensive repairs, we will complete an assessment and work alongside our clients to prepare a strategy to determine the best way to resolve the issue. We pride ourselves on utilising quality local tradesmen and suppliers to complete the work. When work is required on your development using external contractors we will obtain a quotation for these services and present them to you to ensure there is clear and concise communication in order for you to make an informed decision. We will then co-ordinate with contractors to ensure these services are delivered to a high standard. If there are any concerns raised while work is being carried out or on completion, we will address this with the relevant contractors so as to ensure it is rectified in a timely manner, giving you the confidence in our ability to manage your development in the way that is best for you.

Robert Carter Property & Block Management Company - Garden Maintenance

We understand in particular where gardens and grounds are present that these spaces are important in creating a relaxing and enjoyable atmosphere for all. We will ensure all communal areas are maintained to a high standard as this enhances the living environment in and around the building. We also believe it is essential to ensure the upkeep of all communal areas and grounds as this ensures a safe environment for all.

Robert Carter Property & Block Management Company - Cleaning

We pride ourselves on working alongside our clients to help source contractors for the specific roles required, i.e., cleaning, gardening/landscaping, communal car parks etc. We understand the importance of consistently high standards, we will therefore work closely with our clients to ensure they are satisfied with the appointed supplier. We recognise the importance of our client’s feedback, therefore, if any work is beginning to fall below the expected standard, we will record any complaints and take them directly to the contractor on our client’s behalf. We always work in the best interests of our clients and so we will be led by their requests. For example, if our clients wish to continue with their current contractor or shop around for a new one, we will support their decisions and manage this process to find the best fit for their development. When appointing new suppliers, we will then continue to monitor their standard of work.

To ensure convenience for our clients we have various forums to report problems within the development. This can be done either by telephone, text, email or via our website. We understand that not all problems occur during office hours, therefore we have an out of hours helpline which our clients can contact for emergencies.